Reverse CheckList modes


Application in edit modeThe application has two modes of operation. 'Edit' and 'Todo'. Most of the time it is in the edit mode. Most of the examples in this tutorial are with the lists in edit mode.

In that mode you can create lists, add items and categories or remove them, sort lists etc.

Switch modes


Toggle mode selected from the menuBut there is one more mode. One that you would normally use when you want to see all items that are currently selected. I call it the 'ToDo' mode.

ToDo mode


List in todo modeIn ToDo mode you cannot delete items from your lists. You cannot edit them. The only thing that can be done is marking them done. To do that, simply tap on an item.

Confirm your choice


Confirming marking item doneYou can cancel marking something done if you clicked on it by mistake.

* Whether you want to see the confirmation dialog, or not, is actually configurable. See configuration for more information.

Mark everything in a category done


Clear listYou can also mark everything in the currently visible category done, by selecting "Mark all done" from the menu