Adding items to your list


Add entry selected from the menu To add a new item, tap the list name. This will take you to the screen listing all items in the list. Initially, the list will be empty. Again, press the menu button on your device and select "Add entry"

Add Entry screen


Add entry screen This will open the Add Item screen. Type in the desired name. You can be as specific or as general as you want.

Use the voice recognition feature to avoid typing


Using voice recognition to enter item nameYou can also use the voice entry mode to add your item even faster.

Add multiple items at once


Add multiple lists at onceYou can create mutiple items at once if you type the names of all the lists you want to create, separated by semicolons. For example "Milk; Bread" will create two items.

Every item needs a category!


Adding a new category As you can see, there are no categories defined for this list yet. Categories are not shared between lists. In every list you need to create custom categories. To do that, select "Add category" from this screen's menu, enter your category name, and press "Add category".

If you want to learn about creating categories, please visit managing categories

Selecting a category


Selecting a category When you have added a few categories, you will be able to select them from the category dropdown.

Tapping the category dropdown will expand the list, showing you all available categories for the currently selected list.

Almost done...


When you are done entering the names for your items, press "Add entry".



New item added to the list The items have been added to the list.

There is no limit on the amount of items you can add to your list. Or to the number of categories.

Navigating the list


List with multiple items and category buttons When you add more items, and you have items in multiple categories, two buttons will show up at the bottom of the screen to make switching between categories easy.

You can also use your finger to swipe left or right to switch between categories.

Between the buttons, a simple text tells you how many entries belongs in the currently displayed category, and how many of those are currently selected.

Editing items


Edit item context menu To edit an item tap and hold the item in the list and select "Edit Entry".

Edit the item name, update the category and save your changes


You can change the item name, update the category to a pre-existing one, or a completely new one.

Removing items


Removing an entry Press and hold the item name. This time choose "Remove entry". Don't worry, there is a confirmation dialog!

Confirming removal of the item


Removing an entry Just say "Yes" and the item will be gone forever.

In case you selected this by mistake, the application will require your confirmation.