Exporting database to a csv file


Main menu with more itemsTo get to the import/export screen select "More" from the main menu.

Extended menu


Extended menuThen select Export/Import database.

Use the help buttons to get quick help


Context helpClick on one of the small help buttons next to import and export buttons and the import options, to display a popup dialog containing context help.

Export Database

Export DatabaseClick "Export Database" to initialize a new export.

Exporting data


Exporting databaseThis will save all data from your database into an external .csv file. The file will be saved to your SD Card under "\ReverseChecklist\DatabaseExport\"

Importing Data


Selecting a categoryPress "Import Database" to initialize a new import. You can only import csv files that contain 3 columns. The first one contains list name, the second: category name and the third one, item name.

Get an example file here

Import requires a file manager


The import feature requires a file manager installed on your device. If you don't have one, get one. I recommend ES File Explorer.

Options for importing data


Import options When imporing data you have the choice to select between "Merge Lists" and "Rename Lists"

The selected mode determines how to handle new lists with the same names as already existing lists in your application.

If there already exist a list with the same name as the imported list, 'Rename List' will cause the imported list to be renamed, while 'Merge Lists' will merge the existing and imported list, skipping duplicate entries.